IPEd Conference 2021: Editing on the Edges
Waterfront view of the Hobart Grand Chancellor
Tasmania is an island, a collection of islands: 334 to be exact.
On the edges: political, social, emotional. Edges of ocean, sky, earth, society. Cut from the southern fringe of an island continent, at 42 degrees south, girt by the wildness and wind of the Southern Ocean. It’s not so far to the edge of Antarctica, yet our climate is temperate, cool, comfortable. A long tradition of storytelling is fed by our place; by a deep indigenous history; by a penal system that banished souls to the edge of the world. Today, a culture of art and literature flourishes. Here. On the edges.

Tasmania is the perfect place for the Institute of Professional Editors Conference 2021, book-ended by the Dark MOFO Winter Festival and Festival of Voices. Come, join us on the edges…

Editing on the edges

What edges are relevant to your editing?
More than you might think...
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Hobart in winter

Cold, yes.
But beyond the conference room, there's so much going on...
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Conference blog

Follow our blog as our contributors offer their views on editing, conferences and more...
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