IPEd Conference 2021: Editing on the Edges

Accreditation Board

The Accreditation Board is responsible for developing and administering IPEd’s accreditation exams, managing accreditation renewals and developing IPEd’s accreditation scheme. Board members are volunteer Accredited Editors (AEs) and Distinguished Editors (DEs) appointed as delegates by their IPEd branch or as skills-based appointments. 

The current Board is Helen Bradford AE, Editors Aotearoa NZ; Edwin Briggs AE, Editors NSW (skills-based member); Dr Catherine Macdonald AE, Editors WA; Dr Vicki Nelson AE, Editors Tasmania; Dr Linda Nix AE, Editors NSW (chair); Desolie Page AE, Editors Qld; Susan Pierotti AE, Editors Victoria; Jo Vabolis AE, Editors SA.

Gaining an edge: The evolution of IPEd's accreditation scheme

Professional accreditation is an ongoing process of certifying that a person possesses the relevant, up-to-date skills and knowledge expected of a professional in their field. How are the skills and knowledge required of a professional editor evaluated? What competencies need to be evaluated? What assessment methods are best for evaluating which kinds of competencies? When clients and employers expect editors’ work to be flawless, where should the line on ‘competence’ rather than ‘perfection’ be drawn? How should alternative solutions to an editing issue be compared? In an era of accelerated technological change, to what extent do IT skills need to be part of the evaluative process, beyond basic computer literacy?

This paper presents how the Accreditation Board has grappled with and answered these questions and others, from the inception of IPEd’s accreditation scheme in 2008 to today. It looks at how the scheme has evolved in both content and format, examines trends in candidate profile and performance from past exams (including the 2020 exam), and discusses how the scheme may evolve in future. 

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Online, 28 to 30 June 2021
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