IPEd Conference 2021: Editing on the Edges

At the edge of reason

Editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion

Authors and publishers are generally keen to ensure the best possible depiction of diversity and inclusion in their published works, and editors play an increasingly important role in providing advice as ‘sensitivity checkers’. How might we go about providing such input while avoiding a slide towards becoming fact-checkers or enforcers of political correctness? What is the role of a sensitivity reader and how might this intersect with the role of the editor (if at all)?

This workshop, for editors of fiction and non-fiction works, explores the key concepts and approaches to editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion. Participants are invited to reflect on their own unconscious bias and how that might influence their approach to editing. Workshop exercises and open discussions will demonstrate how these play out when we apply theory to professional practice.

Renee Otmar

Dr Renée Otmar has been an editor since 1989, in-house and freelance, and a researcher in public health and research ethics since 2009. She has qualifications in both disciplines and is an accredited coach. These days she works as a consultant writer, editor, researcher, research ethicist and coach. Renée’s ebook and ecourses on marketing for editors have had a solid following since 2011. Her coaching focuses on helping editors to overcome imposter syndrome and other anxieties with practical strategies to build confidence as they develop the consulting business of their dreams. In October 2020 Renée published Editing for Sensitivity, Diversity and Inclusion: A guide for professional editors.

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Online, 28 to 30 June 2021
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