IPEd Conference 2021: Editing on the Edges

Meetings and webinars

6 April 2021
Meetings and webinars

Editing on the Edges is a fully virtual conference this year. We’ll be using Zoom meetings for networking events and pre-conference workshops, Zoom webinars for formal presentations. Zoom's Help Centre offers an excellent collection of resources from how to join a meeting or webinar and what to expect when you’ve joined, but in this post, […]

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22 November 2020
On virtual conferences

In the last month I’ve registered for, and attended parts of, two virtual conferences. The first was the ‘Be a better freelancer’ conference, delivered via Zoom and running from 9am to 5.15pm, Eastern (US) time – that is, from 11pm to 7.15am in Hobart. It’s fair to say that I did not get much out […]

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5 September 2020
COVID-19 update

Updated 12 November 2020 Since COVID-19 hit, it’s been clear that it could affect the 2021 conference. We’ve been working on two options: a hybrid conference with some people attending in person and others online, or alternatively a purely virtual conference. Much as we had hoped to deliver an in-person conference, in the end the […]

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15 December 2019

My name is Jax Jacki Brown and I’m the Publishability Project Officer at Writers Victoria.  Publishability is a ground-breaking, two-year initiative funded by the Victorian Government’s Talent Matters Program through Creative Victoria. There are three key elements to the Publishability program: 1) we work with four writers with disability (two each year) to help them […]

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15 October 2019
On the edges of editing and life

I’ve always felt like an outsider. As a shy introvert who grew up living with social anxiety, I’ve always struggled to feel comfortable interacting with other people. At school, I’d never put my hand up to answer a question for fear of getting it wrong in front of my peers. That fear of judgement and […]

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15 September 2019
Social media editing and the challenge of constant change

Editing social media content in many ways sits at one of the edges of editing. Not only do you need the traditional skills and aptitudes of a good editor, you often also need to develop additional skills from neighbouring professions. As someone who now spends a fair amount of my work time on writing and […]

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15 August 2019
The edge of a technological revolution

Quick quiz question: what’s the object in the image above? Correct! It’s a pica ruler, used for measuring type size and leading. Along with a set of red, blue and green pens, this was the only piece of equipment I was given when I started working for a small independent book publisher in the UK […]

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15 July 2019
Face-to-face networking

If you’re a professional editor – either freelance or an employee – you probably already benefit from networking and sharing information with other editors, online. For more information about online networking, read The benefits of networking online with other editors. But meeting other professionals in your industry face to face can give you additional benefits […]

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8 May 2019
On the edge of the world

At the Brisbane conference in 2017, Dr. Sandra Phillips and Grace Lucas-Pennington gave a presentation on the importance of having Indigenous editors working on Indigenous content. I didn’t attend that particular presentation, but heard and read a variety of responses, including Hella Ibrahim’s blog post We need diverse editors. When the Tasmanian branch committee started […]

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Online, 28 to 30 June 2021
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