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Face-to-face networking

If you’re a professional editor – either freelance or an employee – you probably already benefit from networking and sharing information with other editors, online. For more information about online networking, read The benefits of networking online with other editors.

But meeting other professionals in your industry face to face can give you additional benefits that you can’t get from online networking, and an editors’ conference is the perfect venue to do this.

The benefits of networking at an editors’ conference

A great way for editors to network is to attend a conference that brings together a range of professionals into one place for mutual learning, networking and information sharing, as well as the opportunity to connect with other professional editors, face to face.

Networking at an editors’ conference gives you the opportunity to:

  • Meet and share information with not only editors but also professionals in the writing and publishing industries. This may involve sharing business cards and phone numbers.
  • Meet editor colleagues whom you already know from online groups, face to face, which helps you remember who those people are and what they do.
  • Meet new colleagues and get to know them by having coffees or lunch with them, hearing the questions they ask panellists or listening to their presentations; these get-to-know-you opportunities far surpass the potential of online meetings or online sharing.

Through getting to know your editor colleagues in the personal way that can result only from face to face discussions, you will gain more insight into what your colleagues do so that, in future, when you need to refer a client to another editor, or need information about an editing issue, you’ll know where to turn.

Similarly, if you’ve presented yourself as professional and honest about what you know – and don’t know – your colleagues will also remember who you are and what you do, refer suitable clients to you, and seek your help when they need advice about your area of expertise.

Stay posted for my future article about the other benefits of attending an editors’ conference.

Author’s note: I attended IPEd’s national editors conference, Beyond the Page 2019, held in Melbourne in May 2019. For me, the networking aspect of the conference was as important as the information gleaned from the seminars and workshops. I met face to face with dozens of editors whom I already knew as a result of our online interactions on Secret Editors Business Facebook page, and was introduced to dozens of new colleagues in the writing, editing and self-publishing industries. The effect of the IPEd conference on my professional knowledge and confidence has been fantastic. I have applied new learnings from the conference to a current editing project, and – via my network which is stronger as a result of those face-to-face meetings – have sought more information about the subjects raised at the conference that interest me the most. In summary, the benefits of attending the conference have been absolutely worth the time and cost expended.

About the author

Sally-Anne Watson Kane is a full-time editor and professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) Australia. She is owner/operator of On Time Typing (established 2002) – scribing, editing and self-publishing services.

2 comments on “Face-to-face networking”

  1. It was so great to actually meet you at the 2019 conference Sally-Anne, and to realise how much we had in common. Same goes for quite a few other editors I met there – so nice finally putting a face (other than a Facebook pic!) to the name. Cannot recommend these networking and professional development opportunities enough.

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Online, 28 to 30 June 2021
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