IPEd Conference 2021: Editing on the Edges

Jess Gately

Jess Gately
Jess Gately is a Perth-based freelance editor specialising in science fiction and fantasy literature. She holds a Master of Arts in Professional Writing and Publishing from Curtin University, and is the Publishing Coordinator at Night Parrot Press, the Director of Business Development at Underground Writers, and the President of Editors WA. She has appeared in guest lectures, workshops and panels to discuss building a professional social media presence, networking in the writing community, and steps for submitting to publishers. Jess is passionate about working with emerging Australian writers and editors and gets very excited when asked to talk about her research on fictional languages.

Her website is jjgately.com

Editing SFF Manuscripts that utilise fictional languages

Editing as a profession has traditionally been taught through work-experience and on-the-job training; thus, guidelines or advice on approaching genre-specific challenges are not readily available to the rising number of freelance editors working on the edges of the publishing industry for self-published authors. This presentation presents the results of a Masters research project which documents the considerations, tools and processes used by editors currently working in the science fiction and fantasy genres when approaching a manuscript that utilises a fictional language.
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Online, 28 to 30 June 2021
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