IPEd Conference 2021: Editing on the Edges

Joely Taylor

Joely Taylor
Dr Joely Taylor is a former research scientist who specialises in academic, technical and scientific editing and has worked with publishing houses, universities, government departments and industry consultants. She is an Accredited Editor with IPEd and a Diplomate Editor in the Life Sciences with BELS. She is also an Advanced Professional Member of CIEP and has over ten years of in-house and freelance experience. Dr Taylor was honoured to be part of the 180-person team awarded a CSIRO Collaboration Medal in December 2020 for work on ‘the world’s most extensive, multi-disciplinary water resource study’, the Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment. Dr Taylor runs the editing and publishing business Well Writ from her sit/stand desk in Melbourne, where she lives with her family, five chickens and a labradoodle.

Her website is www.wellwrit.com.au.

Give your editing the edge: Integrate the IPEd Code of Ethics and the Standards into your editing practice

The Australian standards for editing practice outlines core standards professional editors should meet in their editing practice. The IPEd Code of Ethics outlines conduct, principles and values that should guide us as editors and provides guidelines to help us navigate ethical issues that arise during our work. 

As members of IPEd, we are expected to comply with the Code, and we are also expected to work to the Standards, as appropriate for our level of skill and experience. But how many of us regularly refer to either the Code or the Standards in our day-to-day editing work?

By putting the Code and the Standards to work for us as editors, and by integrating core elements of both into our editing practice, we can give our editing the edge by:

  • having the security of a documented quality control process
  • ensuring we conform to the Code and the Standards
  • using these structures to create boundaries when negotiating scope of work and establishing terms of service
  • using these structures to help us define areas that require further learning or upskilling.
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Online, 28 to 30 June 2021
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