IPEd Conference 2021: Editing on the Edges

Keynote speakers

Pam Allen

Pam Allen is Adjunct Associate Professor of Indonesian at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Her teaching and research areas are Indonesian language, literature and studies. In addition to publications on Indonesian literature, her research projects include a study of the Javanese diaspora in Suriname and New Caledonia.
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Lisa-ann Gershwin

Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin is best-known for her scientific research and popular science writing on jellyfish. Her first book Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean held at number one on Amazon in two categories for over four months and made the cover feature of the New York Review of Books.
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Graeme Innes

Graeme Innes AM is a lawyer, author, and company director. His autobiography Finding a Way achieved popular acclaim in 2016.
He has been a human rights practitioner for more than thirty years and is a conference presenter and facilitator.
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Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman is a well-known Tasmanian art historian, curator, essayist, poet and commentator on identity and place. Descended from the Trawulwuy people of north east Tasmania, Greg has an intimate relationship with the island’s Indigenous culture and his creative works explore the impact of colonisation on Tasmania’s social fabric.
About Greg...
28 to 30 June 2021, Hobart Grand Chancellor 
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